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About Reading Shoulder & Elbow

Reading Shoulder and Elbow run clinics in hospitals across Reading in Berkshire. Amar Malhas, the Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon at the unit, specialises in treating an extensive range of shoulder and elbow conditions and injuries. He has a particular interest in sports injuries, trauma and degenerative disorders of the shoulder and elbow.

Professional profile

Amar is a Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon with extensive fellowship training in shoulder and elbow surgery. Having qualified in 2004 from King’s College London, he completed his basic surgical training in London before specialising in Trauma and Orthopaedics. He was appointed to the Birmingham rotation where he developed an interest in shoulder and elbow surgery. He transferred his training to Scotland to be with his wife. Following this, he completed two year-long fellowships specialising in shoulder and elbow surgery. Firstly, at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and then at the internationally renowned Wrightington Orthopaedic Hospital in its prestigious Upper Limb Unit.


Training History

Amar qualified in 2004 from King’s College London with a distinction in medical sciences as well as a bachelor degree in developmental neurobiology. After completing his house officer post he embarked on a surgical rotation in south London. After developing a passion for orthopaedics he enrolled in and completed a masters in orthopaedic engineering from the university of Cardiff.  He joined the orthopaedic training rotation in Birmingham. He subsequently transferred his training to Scotland to be with his wife and completed his training there. During his training he fell in love with shoulder surgery as an exciting and rapidly evolving branch of orthopaedics. He secured two prestigious fellowships at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and Wrightington Hospital before taking up his post at the Royal Berkshire NHS trust in Reading.

Special Clinical Interests


Mr Malhas has an interest in sports injuries, trauma and degenerative disorders of the shoulder and elbow. His interests include:

  • Arthroscopic treatment of rotator cuff disorders, impingement and shoulder instability

  • Arthroscopic and open treatment of elbow tendonitis, instability and arthritis

  • Shoulder and elbow replacement surgery

  • Treatment of clavicle, shoulder and elbow fractures


Research Interests

Mr Malhas has published extensively on both laboratory and clinical orthopaedic-based studies. His most recent research interest is regarding the management of complex primary and revision shoulder replacements along with the role of shoulder replacements in the treatment of shoulder fractures.


Peer Review

  • Malhas A, Rashid A, Copas D, Bale S, Trail I. Glenoid bone loss in primary and revision shoulder arthroplasty. Shoulder & Elbow. 2016 Oct;8(4):229-40

  • Malhas AM, Skarparis YG, Sripada S, Soames RW, Jariwala AC. How well do contoured superior midshaft clavicle plates fit the clavicle? A cadaveric study. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. 2016 Jan 5.

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  • Hassan S, Eisma R, Malhas A, Soames R and Harry L. Flexor Tendon Repair using Thiel Cadavers: A comparison to formalin embalmed cadavers and porcine models. J Hand Surg Eur Vol. 2015 Mar;40(3):246-9.

  • F Harrold, A Malhas, C Wigderowitz. A novel osteotomy in shoulder joint replacement based on analysis of the cartilage/metaphyseal interface. Clinical Biomechanics, 2014 Nov;29(9):1032-8.

  • AD Ross, PJ Boscainos, A Malhas, C Wigderowitz. Peri-operative renal morbidity secondary to gentamicin and flucloxacillin chemoprophylaxis for hip and knee arthroplasty Scott Med J November 2013 58: 209-212.

  • A Malhas, SL James, VP Sumathi, C Menna, SR Carter, RM Tillman,  L Jeys, RJ Grimer. Low Grade central Osteosarcoma –  A Difficult Condition to Diagnose. Sarcoma Volume 2012, Article ID 764796.

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  • Malhas, Satta, Peter , Oliver and Teall A. Assessment of the management of septic arthritis in accordance with UK guidelines. The Journal of infection 11/2008; 57(6):496-7.

  • Irving, Malhas, Guthrie and Mason: Establishing the Trochlear motor axon trajectory: role of the Isthmic organiser and Fgf-8. Development 129, 5389-5398, 2002.

Case Reports

  • Turner, Malhas, Chisti, Oke. Management of a giant inguinoscrotal hernia with an ulcerated base in a patient with cardiac disease. rep. 2010 (8): 9.

  • Malhas, Howlader, Chishti, Siddiqui: An incidental finding of ectopic liver tissue on the gallbladder of two patients during routine elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The Internet Journal of Surgery. 2008. Volume 16 Number 1.

  • Malhas, Chana, Khan: A Case report of a Serratia Marcescens infective arthritis after a knee arthroscopy. The Internet Journal of Orthopedic Surgery. 2007. Volume 7 Number 2.


Professional Memberships

British Orthopaedic Association (BOA)

British Elbow and Shoulder Society (BESS)

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